Donut Beach Umbrella

Donut Beach Umbrella


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When the summer sun feels hotter than a deep frier, you’ve got to get those pasty pastry buns into the shade! We’ve been testing and using our Frosted Donut Beach Umbrella to dodge the sun (aaaaand secretly scarf entire boxes of donuts) and it’s quite the treat.  

It’s tough to miss on the beach—after all it is a 4-foot wide pink frosted donut with sprinkles. But you’re a BigMouth and standing out like a boss

? is ? what ? you ? do. The umbrella is adjustable in height too—up to 6 feet—so you can sit, lay, perch, or pass out in a shady food coma regardless of your height. The tip features a sand spike that, when inserted into the soil or sand, keeps it upright and hands free. 

  • adds instant shade to your beach spot
  • colorful, 4-foot-wide frosted donut design
  • adjustable up to 6 feet in height
  • perfect for the beach, park, soccer field, backyard and more
  • makes your beach spot instantly recognizable
  • pole tip anchors into the sand
  • includes storage pouch with carrying strap